C Foundation was registered as a non-governmental, non-profit and charitable foundation in China in 2014. Established by TK Chu, Sherman Lin, Patrick Leung, Steve Leung, Jianguo Liang, Yaoguang Chen , Frank Jiang, Kun Dai, Troy Sun and Bin Ju, interior designers from Hong Kong, Mainland China and Taiwan, C Foundation , C Foundation is the first self-supporting charity foundation initiated and established by designers in Greater China. It consists of education, development and exchange committee, aims to foster the design education and professional development in China and promote traditional Chinese design and art culture among design community.
Once in a causal gathering, the ten designers discussed about the urge of professional design education; heritage of design philosophy, experience, knowledge to the young design generation, as well as reservation of tradition Chinese craftsmanship. They would like to set up the C Foundation and contribute to the industry and the society.
Innovation,Entrepreneurship, Create the future
Subsidize design education; encourage academic research.
Assist design elites; boost innovation and development.
Support industry interactions; promote Chinese culture.
It is the best of times. It is the age of creativity. This is the best period for the development of Chinese creative industry.
As designers from different age and backgrounds, we would like to thank the society which gives us nutrients, supports and opportunities. We would like to set up C Foundation to improve the quality of design and to contribute to the development of our creative industry as well as to promote the Chinese culture.

From Left:
Frank Jiang
Founder, Chairman and Chief Designer of J&A Co., Ltd.
Sherman Lin
Founder and Creative Director of Newsdays Interior Design and Construction Co., Ltd.
Bin Ju
Founder and Chief Executive Design Director of Horizontal Space Design
Jianguo liang
Chairman and Creativity Director of Beijing Newsdays Design & Construction Co., Ltd.
Troy Sun
Founder and Design Director of ATENO Design
Steve Leung
Founder and Chairman of Steve Leung Designers Ltd.
Patrick Leung
Founder and Principal Designer of PAL Design Consultants Ltd.
Kun Dai
Executive President of Easy-Home Interior Design Co. Ltd.
Founder and Chief Designer of the T.K. Chu Design
Yaoguang Chen
Founder and Creative Director of Hangzhou Dianshang Building Decoration Design Co., Ltd.
Besides of having 10 designers as the executive committee of C Foundation, Mr. Liu Yi, Chairman of CIDA, Mr. Wang Tie, Executive Director of Design Committee of CBDA and Ms. Zou Wuying, Chairperson of CIID are honorary supervisors.
C Foundation has appointed Ernst & Young as auditor and KCS for issuing independent audit and accounting report, to keep a fair, open and justice principle.
Unit 01, 13/F, B4 Kexing Science Park,
15 Keyuan Road, Nanshan District, Shenzhen.
+86 (755) 86718561


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