​Five-Year Old C Foundation Released New Mission “Design for the Greater Good in Our Shared Future”

“Design for the greater good in our shared future”

This is the new mission officially released by C Foundation, the first voluntarily organized non-profit foundation in the Chinese design community, at the freshly concluded Charity Night that marked the fifth anniversary of the foundation, and released concomitantly is the inspiring vision “everyone can be a designer”.

On December 10th, nearly 100 entrepreneurs, experts, scholars, designers, media representatives and volunteer representatives looked back on what C Foundation had done for design and philanthropy over the past five years, shoring up the organization for better performance down the road.


Performance measured by data and commitment

“40 years ago, the first shot of reform and opening up was fired in Shenzhen; five years ago, C Foundation was established in the city, and thus began its endeavor of design for the greater good,” said Qin Danfeng, Secretary General of C Foundation, who solemnly presented a summary of what the foundation had done for design for public good over the past five years since its birth.


Track record

Over a span of five years, C Foundation has, on its own, run 2 branded projects and 3 series of non-profit projects and it has financed the implementation of 31 projects, with non-profit spending totaling RMB 30,761,344.45. C Foundation has carried out non-profit activities in mainland, Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan of China as well as overseas to keep boosting China’s design industry.


C Foundation has assembled a band of 233 volunteers who are mostly young designers, and they have received guidance and instructions from 38 experts and consultants as well as generous support from 78 entrepreneurs and philanthropy enthusiasts. What the volunteers have done has been covered by 92 media outlets.

C Foundation has received 17 awards for its charity work and contribution to the design industry. Besides, it was recently ranked as a 4A-grade social organization in Shenzhen, which speaks to how regulated and transparent the foundation’s management and operation has been.

Five years is a long period for a newly founded organization, and what it has accomplished on its dream-chasing journey is not something that can be achieved single-handedly or overnight. Donating enterprises, experts and scholars, designers, philanthropy enthusiasts, beneficiaries, volunteers and media representatives all shared their dream-chasing stories on this journey. Along the way, their stories and the charity path of C Foundation have been gradually connected and woven into a rudimentary eco-system of design for public good that keeps growing and thriving.


Using simple words but exuding profound sincerity, Liang Jianguo, Executive Chair of the year of C Foundation, thanked the participants for the support, gratitude, expectation and blessings they expressed and said: “I have tremendous gratitude for you over the past 5 years. Without your support and participation, without our mutual trust and inclusiveness, we wouldn’t have come this far.”


As a gesture of sincere gratitude, C Foundation Directors granted to expert consultants, media representatives, volunteers and donating enterprises with such awards as C Foundation White Jade Orchid Award, C Foundation Hibiscus Award, C Foundation Green Vine Award, C Foundation Green Bamboo Award, C Foundation Kumquat Award and C Foundation Ginkgo Award. It is because more philanthropy enthusiasts like them join C Foundation that the ecosystem of design for greater good thrives even more.


In front of everyone, Director Qiu Deguang took over the crystal swallow, the symbol of the Executive Chair post that comes with great responsibilities, and officially became the Executive Chair of the year 2020 and delivered some remarks.



“Next year I will turn 70. An ancient saying goes that people rarely live to 70. But nowadays, 70 is just the beginning of a new life stage. Thanks to the platform of C Foundation, I am in a new life stage,” said Director Qiu Deguang, slowly but firmly.



When he took office as Executive Chair of 2020, Qiu Deguang declared the newly minted mission of C Foundation, “design for the greater good in our shared future”, and he stated the vision of C Foundation for the first time, “everyone can be a designer”.  

Why did C Foundation propose that “everyone can be a designer”? Mr. Qiu Deguang’s explanation is that in an era when everything can be designed, C Foundation believes that everyone can be a designer. He said: “I am very pleased and very honored. I hope that everyone present and friends who couldn’t come here today can join us in creating our shared future and that we can take the charity endeavor further, thriving and flourishing together.”


Thanks goes to all the philanthropy enthusiasts and like-minded people that have supported C Foundation over the past five years.

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